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On the wire

Up above it all In my high school years I went to more camps then Yogi Bear in search of a picnic basket. These were not just camp grounds with smelly toilets and tents though, these were camp grounds with high ropes courses, mountain biking, giant swings, lakes and a ton of other fun activities. It was a paradise for me to test my limits and face my fears head on. I only had a few fears in my teenage years: The fear of not impressing the lady folk, the fear of accepting a dare that I really shouldn't have and the fear of heights. Of all of those fears, the last one could stop me in my tracks. I didn't become an ice cube of fear or anything, but I had an extremely difficult time getting past the fact that I could fall to my death at any second. I was not the kind of kid to pass up an awesome opportunity though. If I did, I knew I would regret it for a very long time. So instead of saying no, I said yes. Even if it freaked me out. 
I woke up in my bunk to the smell of Axe body…

Gospel and Truth part 3

Joshua Study TwoI think it’s important to note that Joshua did not have time to celebrate his promotion. Why? Because he was the right man for the job and that job needed to be done. That’s why people get promotions.
For instance, in business, a man gets promoted into the office of “Head of Marketing.” It is then expected by the company for him to get going. To dive into the job and make things work. Even if it is just to ensure that what is currently being done continues.
Which brings us to our life in Christ. Many times we are brought into a “new season” with Jesus. He has worked with us to bring our maturity and spiritual wisdom to a place where we can do more than just warm a pew in church. Does that mean we won’t make mistakes? Of course not. Try to remember that at no point in our life is God un-aware of what we will do in the future.
Take the act of disobedience in the Garden of Eden for example. God was not happy that his new creations disobeyed Him. But He was not surprised by …

Gospel and Truth Part 2

The book of Joshua Part 1 We are very pleased to introduce to you the first ever guest blogger on Thetruvine! He will be covering the book of Joshua in a multi part series. You should keep a close eye out for these posts as they come from a published author. This is very exciting and we cannot wait to see how all of you respond.
Without further ado, here is Matt Davenport.

About Me

Matt (M.R.) Davenport was born in a small town in Northern California. He's traveled the U.S. a lot since then. He is the "middle" child. "And therefore, have the issues of such." As he points out.

He served in the US Army as a Military Policeman. It was, at the time, his aspiration to be a full time California Highway Patrolman. But life got in the way.

He met and married his first wife shortly after leaving the service. They had three children together. Mercedes first while living in Missouri. Then Caleb came along after they returned to California. Then Jacob. He loves his kids.


Long waits

Throughout the course of life, we seek after the enticing sense of feeling recognized and understood by another. In other words, we want to be known and know another intimately. The coursing of blood to the face as we blush from happiness or the welling of tears in our eyes from the pain caused in loss. Either one of these emotions is tied to the binding feeling that comes with time, passion and perseverance.
The journey
The teenage years filled with hormones, infatuation and false hope make up the beginning of a deep-seated sense of being lost to the wind. Being blown about like a butterfly in a hurricane, the feeling of seeing but one bright peddle in the wind was enough to make a heart leap for joy, but just as it came it went. The bright spots faded quickly into the carnage left behind by the storm of life. Brokenness surrounded on every side with little left whole but a sea of lies. Forward fast and you see the year of change come about with gladness and cheer. The storm in the pa…


Young to old There is a common disconnect between ages: Trust of younger generations. Passing things on to younger generations seems to be what determines the affluence of a society. The burden most often falls to teachers, but this is a burden which should be shouldered by all. All of us have something to teach a word craving knowledge and opportunity. Pastors have their congregations to tend, leaders have their followers to lead, and parents have their children to raise. Somewhere in the timeline of it all though there is a disconnect that places an unseen burden upon the younger generation to perform to standards that have never been established. 
 To the elderly The weight of leadership is a heavy one to carry, but it was never meant to rest upon one persons shoulders forever. In wisdom, grace and truth may you teach us to be leaders and not scald us for not knowing what we do wrong in your eyes. Words unspoken are never conveyed and the divide between brothers and sisters of Chr…

Gospel and Truth Part 1

The Bible in a Year (A series)

This is the second year of reading the Bible in a year. Another year means more has been understood, retained and connections have been made between major Biblical characters. There have been several themes which stuck out over the year, but being able to go over everything in a different light has allowed my mind to be opened to the true vastness of the Bible. 
For context, the YouVersion Bible app was used with the Bible ProjectRead the Bible in a Year Plan. I personally use the NIV because it is what I have used for many years and it has always been sufficient for my understanding. The videos provided at the beginning of each book puts the book into the appropriate context so that as you read through, you are almost transported into the world of the writer. I highly recommend going and checking out their material and consider starting the new year out by reading the Bible in a year. The sections which you read are very manageable and you can even hav…